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March 23, 2018

No-Knead Whole Wheat Seeded Bread

No-knead whole wheat seeded bread… The perfect recipe to make this snowy weekend. Yes, we just got another snow storm. The third one in 3 weeks and somehow they all fell on a Thursday. I’m just hoping this is the last of it – I can’t wait for the spring weather to finally arrive! For now though, I’ll just keep spending my weekends inside, staying cozy and baking. Maybe going for a hike in the snow. If your weekend is just as snowy (or maybe rainy), you need to make this bread. Not that you need an excuse to make fresh bread. Seriously though, if you’re scared of making homemade bread, this is the recipe for you. Honestly, I made homemade bread for the very first time last January. Before then, I…