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April 27, 2018

Healthier Peanut Noodle & Tofu Bowl

Healthier peanut noodle and tofu bowl. My current favorite easy dinner. Have you ever tried a savory peanut butter recipe? If not, you need to try this out. Trust me, this peanut sauce is everything. Funny thing is, this recipe started off as a pasta-free salad with almond vinaigrette. Somehow this happened instead. I have no regrets. Before we moved to Saint John, I used to make peanut noodles almost weekly. Or at least I did for a few months, right before we moved in an apartment with my friend who’s allergic to peanuts. Naturally, this recipe was put on the back burner until I could use peanut butter again. I mean, I could have made a peanut-free version with Wow butter, which could have been good, but I decided to wait. In my opinion, it…