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October 2, 2018

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with 2-Minute Vegan Aioli

My latest obsession: roasted sweet potatoes with 2-minute vegan aioli. I’ve been eating this about 3 times a week lately and there’s no stopping me. These sweet potatoes with tempeh and a kale salad have been a staple in our house since I finally found tempeh and vegan mayonnaise in Vernon a month ago… It was an exciting day. As disturbing as it may be, we went through almost an entire jar of vegan mayonnaise in one month, all because of this recipe. Me, who’s never bought mayonnaise in my life. It’s just not something we use, but now, that may change. Mayonnaise may become a regular condiment in our fridge, all to satisfy my aioli cravings. I mean, I could make my own mayonnaise, but sometimes you just want…