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December 7, 2018

Tempeh Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing

Kale tempeh salad with Tahini Dressing. I can’t believe this is my first time sharing a tempeh recipe. Before moving to BC, 5 months ago, I had only ever had tempeh once, at a potluck with dietitian friends. For some reason, I never bothered cooking with it at home. Then we travelled across Canada and tried many new vegetarian restaurants. After trying tempeh in different dishes, I knew I needed to start cooking with it at home. My favorite way to eat it so far? In a salad with tahini dressing. It’s so good, it’s making me crave salads every day. This salad is ready in less than 30 minutes, which makes it perfect for last-minute weeknight meals. Here’s how it’s made: Start by chopping the kale (small bite sizes makes it much easier…