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February 11, 2019

Pink Berry Lime Smoothie

If it’s as cold where you live as it is here in Canada, I’m sure the last thing you want is a smoothie. Believe me though, this berry lime smoothie is worth freezing for. If you’re like me and you sometimes crave a smoothie during winter, just make yourself cozy in a pile of blankets (maybe next to a fire place) and enjoy it. This smoothie is the result of a mid-winter smoothie craving and tons ripe avocados that desperately needed to be used. Honestly, I’m not sure why I keep buying avocados from Costco. They’re much cheaper, but I always end up with either 6 hard avocados or 6 overly ripe avocados at the same time. Perfectly ripe avocados, ready to use when you want them. That&#8217…