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Vanilla Coconut Iced Coffee + Kicking Horse Coffee Giveaway!

I have an exciting post for you guys today! As a thank you for all your support, we’re giving away one bag of Kicking Horse® Ground Coffee AND a porcelain tumbler with lid as shown above. Kicking Horse® is our go-to coffee around here and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you guys today! To be honest, I wasn’t always a coffee lover. Like most, I started drinking coffee during university as a way to stay awake and study for a few extra hours at night. At that time, I was forcing myself to drink coffee, sometimes pinching my nose to do so. I should mention that I was drinking a cheap instant coffee I found at my parents’ place. That certainly didn’t help! However, things…

Cozy Carrot Cake Oatmeal

My new favorite breakfast? Carrot cake oatmeal.  If you love carrot cake or if you’re trying to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, you need to try this recipe! Actually, even if you’re just looking for a new breakfast idea, you need this recipe in your life. One bowl holds one whole carrot or half a cup of shredded carrots. See? You can add one serving of vegetables to your day by eating a delicious bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Take that, green smoothie! Another thing I like about this recipe? Carrots add volume, which means more goodness without much more calories… I always have a big appetite in the morning, so the more, the better! On another note, how was your second week of 2017? Mine was very busy. I started the second…