Free Cooking With Legumes Recipe Bundle

Title page of Unsweetened Caroline's free Cooking With Legumes preview.

Looking for new ways to use legumes? The Cooking With Legumes Ebook will be released September 16, 2019. See below for a preview of the eBook, including a few free recipes.

This recipe bundle includes:

  • Mashed Avocado Pea Toast
  • Lentil Cherry Crumble Bars
  • 3-Bean Chipotle Chili (Bonus Recipe!)

The complete eBook will include:

  • 50+ vegetarian and vegan recipes made with legumes
  • Types of legumes available
  • Guide on how to cook legumes from scratch
  • How to Store legumes
  • How to easily incorporate legumes in your everyday meals and snacks
  • Health benefits of legumes
  • All for 14.99$ CAD.

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