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Healthy Caramel Frappuccino with Coconut Whipped Cream

When you stop eating added sugar, you soon realize that there is a lot of food you can’t eat anymore. Just think about it. People seem to associate sugar with desserts, but the truth is, pretty much everything that’s processed contains sugar. Some granola bars and breakfast cereals should even be considered a dessert. Then there’s the even less obvious sources of added sugar. Think mayonnaise, ketchup, some breads, salad dressings and even chips! So when I first stopped eating sugar, you can imagine that I was overwhelmed. I went to the extreme and cut out every single source of added sugar. Now, after 2 years sugar-free, I’m a little more flexible. I know that eating ketchup or white bread at the restaurant won’t give me uncontrollable cravings. What…

Raw Espresso Donuts

Welcome to my first blog post! As you may know, to celebrate my Unsweetened Caroline release week, I decided to post one recipe every day this week for a total of 7! I’m so excited to start sharing my favorite recipes with you and I hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. Now, are you ready for the first recipe!? I sure am! Especially since it’s a dessert (are donuts considered breakfast or dessert? It’s all so confusing to me.) Breakfast or dessert, this recipe is delicious either way! I personally prefer them as dessert, but if I ever need a quick breakfast, I wouldn’t mind having one of these. As a matter of fact, we went on a backpacking trip last weekend and I brought these donuts for an easy breakfast…