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Savory Sweet Potato Casserole with Rosemary Pecan Parmesan

This holiday season, I decided to make us a savory sweet potato casserole with rosemary pecan parmesan.  I can’t really compare it to the traditional sweet version, but guys, this casserole is incredible! Believe it or not, but even Shaun, who dislikes sweet potatoes, loves this recipe. I know, it’s a Christmas miracle.  I tested this recipe over the weekend, along with a few other holiday recipes for the blog. While we had our first snow of the season, I stayed cozy inside, testing new recipes, listening to Christmas music, wrapping presents, binge watching This is Us on Netflix and doing some cleaning. Not to mention going on a hike the day after the snow. There’s nothing better than a walk in nature after having some fresh snow on the ground…

Sweet Potato & Toasted Bread Winter Salad

Finally a savory recipe!!! Have you noticed that all of my recipes were desserts lately? Chai-Spiced Cut-Out Cookies, Dark Chocolate Mint Truffles, Easy Holiday Truffles, Creamy Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate… I’m not sorry about that at all, but it would probably be a good idea to share a healthy salad recipe once in a while. I suppose. This is actually the first salad recipe I share on the blog, so it was about time! And I think it’s a great one to start with. 🙂 Being a few days away from Christmas, I still wanted to share a holiday inspired recipe. So to make this a winter salad, I decided to add warm roasted sweet potatoes, pecans, dried cranberries and a white wine vinaigrette. Those are all winter salad ingredients in my opinion. Am…